My teaching experiences include leading a World History 1020 discussion section every week for Spring 2019. I was in charge of two classes on Friday mornings with around 25 students each. As a class, we focused on primary source analysis, collaborations, and facilitating camaraderie between the students for the class discussions and their final projects. This was a great learning experience for me, one that was both fun and rewarding though challenging at times, and for the students as well.

Sample Syllabus for US History to 1877

For my syllabus, I planned US History to 1877 class since I am an Early American historian. My class uses mostly open-source digital resources and primary sources available online. My intent was for the readings to be easily accessible since there are a plethora of wonderful resources online. The assignments and the classes revolve around students growing their writing ability. The skill-building assignments involve a short essay every week that is peer-reviewed by classmates before being turned in and a final Primary Source Analysis paper of 3-4 pages. Students will learn fundamental analytical and writing skills that will help them in any major and any career path.