November Something – Module 9: Digital Humanities in the Classroom

Reading Time: 4 minutes Often a complaint about the lack of teaching how to teach – teaching pedagogy – in academic graduate programs gets stated by a professor lamenting their own training. Still, the world doesn’t change much. As the adjunctification of university labor skyrockets and non-tenured professors’ workload increases and innovation in the classroom is out of the […]

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Oh my Goodness It’s November – Module 8: Digital Sustainability and Preservation

Reading Time: 4 minutes After reading Trevor Owen’s book The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation and perusing resources found at NDSA’s Levels of Digital Preservation and The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap (a wonderful resource meant for a team to sit down and go through the modules to assess needs for their project), I have a better idea of what […]

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