August 30, 2020 – Module One: Defining DH

Reading Time: 3 minutes The most interesting part of the readings and the class discussion this week was, of course, defining and discussing “What is Digital Humanities”? Though my perpetually-a-student-self dislikes there being no clear cut answer, I had a fruitful discussion with our breakout room that built off the definition in the AHA article about digital history/humanities. Discussing […]

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September 13, 2020 – Module Three: QGIS

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our QGIS tutorial began with data from Early Modern England, with two datasets related to populations in London, and information regarding parishes and the plague. Playing around with this data was relatively easy and more fun, in my opinion, especially with the visual aspect and Dr. Otis’s tutorial that felt clearer than last week (though, […]

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